Downhill MY21

DOWNHILL INTEGRA XXF The DH segment stands out for its “Extreme” riding, with downhill trails with a few extreme turns, trails in extreme conditions, only for expert riders: very rough or dug-out bottoms, presence of [...]

Enduro MY21

ENDURO INTEGRA XEF The ENDURO segment is characterized by a very “Extreme” bike ride, mainly along downhill runs or trails in very stressful conditions: very rough or dug-out bottoms, presence of even large stones, roots, drops. The downhill [...]

All Mountain MY21

ALL MOUNTAIN INTEGRA XMF The ALL MOUNTAIN segment is characterized by its 360° riding. Uphill, downhill, trails, in all conditions: terrain, stones, roots, drops and mud. Slopes are hard. The Ebikes have the following main features: Full suspended with [...]

Trail MY21

New TRAIL Carbon frame, G.H.E.M. – the innovation by Fantic. GRIP. – Optimzed for 29’’ wheels. – New patent for assembling also 27,5’’ – Leverage ratio optimzed for both. -Torque curve optimzed at all [...]

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